With this site GRIFON Co. is pleased to present its activity - decoration of guns and blank weapons (engravings, incrustations), production of limited series up to 5 pieces of artistically decorated and finely hand made front-loading historic guns, production of unique operating models, miniature single-action and automatic guns. The company was founded by Alexander Gevgalov, a hereditary armourer and graduate at a prestigeous arms school in the specialty Production of small arms. His knowledge in armoury he perfected at the Research Institute of the Defence Industry for nearly five years. Alexander is a member of the Masters Society for People's Arts and Crafts since 1991. In 1993 he registered his company GRIFON which quickly established itself on the Bulgarian Arms Market and Alexander Gevgalov came to be a leader in his field not only owing to his ambitions, good education and background but most of all owing to the rare combination of his armourer's talent and gun engraving craftsmanship. Well-known and authoritative people at home and abroad have placed prestigeous orders with him. Alexander has engaved guns for the Arab World (1996-1997), for HEYM - 2002 , he has inlaid the signature of the famous Michael Kalashnikov on exclusive samples of the Kalashnikov AK-47 automatic gun, accompanied with a notarially certified letter of attorney and the designer's personal signature. A number of Bulgarian ministers, businessmen and other people from the Bulgarian elite have been his clients. With the beauty and exquisiteness of the pattern, the complicated subject and delicate workmanship, Alexander's engravings revive the cold steel even on such "austere tools" as guns. There is also exceptional interest in the miniature operating models - smoothbore and rifled guns and especially in self-loading and automatic guns, designed and made by Alexander Gevgalov. It is well known to all fanciers of miniature arms how much extensive designer's knowledge, experience and skills are necessary to "fit" the mechanism of an original gun into the manyfold reduced space of the miniature model while achieving full operability of the gun. Outstanding is Alexander Gevgalov's passion for the workmanship of operating copies of richly decorated historic front-loading guns. His knack for achieving maximum exactness with the original is a result of his great erudition in the field of historic arms and his exceptional skills in fine workmanship. Parallel with this Alexander Gevgalov improves the technical characteristics of the guns by using high-quality up-to-date materials. GRIFON Co has been a regular particiapant in specialized exhibitions and shows of arms engravings, miniatures and historic guns in the country and abroad including: the exhibition at the Bulgarian Parliament in 1998, The International Arms Show "HEMUS" in 2000, the exhibition of the Bulgarian Chamber of Craftsmanship in 2002., the exhibition in the Month of the European Culture in 2000, etc. GRIFON Co is also known in the country with its armoury where the talented armourer Alexander Gevgalov offers design modifications on the Bulgarian Arms Market improving the characteristics of the standard arms such as: workmanship of new trigger and striking mechanisms, new optical sights, various accessories and devices for fixing optical sights, ergonomic and design modifications of various weapon systems. Today GRIFON Co, resolved to extend its international contacts, is in search to realize its skills and abilities through orders from armament factories, associations, organizations, collectors and fans. GRIFON Co is pleased to present to its current and future clients in the GALLERY section part of its gun engravings, miniature models and front-loading historic guns.